Tim Emeny Illustrations

freelance illustrator based in Birmingham u.k.


Portrait of Megan, Size A3, Charcoal on somerset paper.

Illustration based on the high way robber Dick Turpin produced for the HCE Rogues issue. Illustration by Tim Emeny and colour work by Dave Wright. This issue is available for purchse at http://silhouettepress.co.uk/shop

A portrait of the greatest footballer of the last century – the unforgettable Pélé. Here is my submission to the illustration contest for the tschutti heftli collectors album. Since 2008 they have been publishing a sticker album of a special kind.

Preparation for the degree show at Birmingham City University in which I went on to be nominated for an award under the category of best print at the Vaughan Awards hosted by Vaughan Oliver.

Above are four designs created for The International Reggae Poster Contest 2013. I decided to go with a theme based on Dub Legends. I firstly created each portrait with charcoal and then enhanced the colour volume on Photoshop making the image appear to have more of a solid tone ready for a colour drop to be added on top. I used lyrics and quotes from each of the artists to create the backgrounds as well as keeping a colour theme to make them work more effectively as a series. 

Above are four pages for a short silent narrative I created based on a pirate voyage to a forbidden island. Created using inks and pro markers and then finalized digitally for colour volume and layout to create cinematic scenes.

Above are my finals for a competition brief to create a book cover for The Big Sleep which is a crime novel by Raymond Chandler. I based the designs on the noir style keeping the first two designs black and white.

I created the first cover using pastel and focused on the the main character of the story. The second design was created using silhouettes of key elements of the story and then placing them in gun chamber layout.

The next design focuses on the female lead whose character relates to pornography and seduction, giving the impression that she is being photographed is a seductive pose.

The last cover focuses again on the main character Philip Marlowe as I wanted to create a more detailed impression of the character.

Above are the three finals I produced for my negotiated project based on the freak show theme. First being an etched freak show poster. The second a digitally created movie poster for the Elephant Man movie (relating to dissertation) and a silk screened bearded lady.